NEW - LEM10 Square model 2019

New LEM10
Android 7.1.1 Square watch with front facing camera.
It is available in 1gb/16gb and 3gb/32gb versions.
4G, Different styles and changeable straps and 700mah battery.
We don’t have this product yet but hopefully we will have some experience with it soon.
Smartwatch Ticks full review here 10
Here is a $10 discount voucher from Lemfo for us - you need to use a PC browser for it to work. 8
Here is a QR code for use with the Aliexpress phone APP
There will be a sale on 28th of August where the 1gb/16gb version will be available for $119.99US. Regular price is around $129.99US but depends on options you choose .
Use this link for promotional offers: 9

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